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5_11_9From November 22 to December 21



SYMBOL: The Centaur

COLORS: Purple and Dark Blue


COMPATIBLE SIGNS: Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius

STONES: The Turquoise and Malachite

Sagittarius is undoubtedly the most independent zodiac sign , searcher of the truth at all levels especially the esoteric world, there are thousands of astrologers. Readers and scholars of the magic world of this sign can be quite versatile, and develop more activities at a time but sometimes are victims of their own procedures when they see that are losing more freedom that they want to know if they need, or seek to develop activities that will fill it, so can break sharply with anything that is in the way of its own search.

Sagittarius is interested in philosophy and religion, and find that these disciplines will help in its internal search.

Sagittarius If you know you should take into account the views of others as to what kind of behavior you show them and not take lightly as something that does not deserve the importance, of Pound learn exactly how to treat his friends and family with no injuries or misunderstandings to which you may have a bias.

Undoubtedly feels a special attraction for the signs of Libra and Capricorn where you see the necessary complement for spiritual enrichment. Take care before buying commitments can notto realise, because it is possible that in some occasion you can be bad by this subject. Sexually speaking Sagitario it is excellent loving a finder of internal experiences that will take to dominate the art to him of sex as little people can control, will be able to dominate in this sense their pair which will have well satisfied in this sense and that it will be able to have tension when their pair is not all given how you wanted, you can fall in the infidelity whenever their pair not takes care of him in that sense, because its fire soul needs the human heat that fills and gives sense to him to its life.

Sagittarius horoscope 2009

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Sagittarius Horoscope 2009

Love .-

Love is one of the most friendly of the year. Thanks to the new position of Jupiter in Aquarius early on, create moments of joy and very rewarding experience, your charisma is on the rise and you will grow effortlessly attractive throughout the year. It is worth the month of June as the beginning of a new love. If you have a couple very special circumstances that would create long-lasting ties and as a result of this relationship could be a memorable journey that will change the course of your life.

Labor .-

You must rethink your future career and achieve the goals you’ve proposed for the new year whatever happens. Tact and diplomacy will be a very effective weapon to find the necessary support for your professional projects. You do not lose the nerves in questions that are very important for your future. In main lines a year with bumps glimpses, exist two moments critics who will put your resistance on approval personal, those periods would be the months of February and September respectively.

Money. –

A very regular year with somewhat algid periods of gains like of important expenses, that they can produce very deep changes in your daily life. Firstly Pluto enters the sign of Capricorn, is the natural house of all that with your financial situation, this new condition is a indicative of great favorable transformations as positives as negatives. Everything will depend on a deeper study of the situation in which is east planet in your Astral Letter, to define if it is going to be more positive than unfavorable.

Health. –

You will find in this new period a great accumulation of extra energy and great resistance, that will be more intense passed part of the year. These new circumstances will be reinforced by the transit of the Jupiter planet in the sign of Aquarius and of the planet Saturn in the sign of Libra, in their new routes by these signs would help to find forces you where you did not have and developing to be able of concentration, will intensify your soul to find the way marked by your destiny.