2011 Scorpio Predictions

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COLOR: Bluish green.


METAL: Amethyst, aquamarine, topaz

FEATURES: You will begin a year quite lucky because Jupiter will be in your sign until November and it will give you a great help in your life. From November, things will change because Jupiter leaves your sign and Sagittarius enters. You will have to try to keep everything you’ve made, because Mars will be there, but Saturn will come to give you that push you need to achieve your goal. Please take time to reflect and do not screw up what you want to undertake.

SCORPIO AND LOVE: Love compatibility is great with Cancer and Capricorn. 2011 will be presented with many surprises. If you have your couple you will live very good moments. Living with the opposite sex will be harmonious and passionate. It is possible that this relationship ends up in a compromise or maybe a wedding.

If you are single try to not come back with that person with whom you have had contact in the past, it will not be the right person to restart a relationship. It is a good time to meet new people, use all your weapons of seduction from May. It’s a good year to enjoy sexual life. Social life remains very positive throughout the year.

SCORPIO AND WORK:  At your job, you can achieve a promotion. But by mid-year the situation will be somewhat complicated and will prevent you from moving forward, but be patient, this will be temporary. At the end of the year this will happen, and maybe things will improve and may even you will be able to do some traveling. You can improve your economy and you will want to associate with someone you know.
SCORPIO AND MONEY:  In the financial sector you will have to be cautious at the beginning of the year, try to look after your money and do not waste it on unnecessary things. This summer you might want to start a business or company on your own.

SCORPIO & HEALTH: You will need therapy to achieve your inner balance. By the end of the year you will have a lot of energy for sports.

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