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Of the 21 of April to the 21 of May



SYMBOL: The Toro

COLORS: Turkish

METAL: Copper

COMPATIBLE SIGNS: Virgo, Cancer and Piscis, Capricorn

STONES: Coral and Jade

For those of the First Deanship that is the ten first days of from the 21 of April to the 31 mainly he emphasizes his in front he widens, obstinate, fleshy and good lips gourmets. The characteristics of Taurus are solidity, the practical sense, the determination and the force of will, always prepared and loyal. They are stable cytizens, balancesd, conservatives and good lovers, observers of the law and peace. They have a sense of esteem to the material values and physical possessions. Mentally, they are of sharpened intelligence and practitioners than intellectual and with tendency to be more of fixed opinions. A Taurus can be obstinate, self-sufficient, preservative, controverted. Although its physical aspect they do not worry to them too much, have an aesthetic hard taste, likes the art, for which they can have a supernatural talent. They can have a faith very hard, sometimes little conventional. One becomes jumbled with all the beautiful things with love and enjoys the comfort and the luxury. They are reliable, practical, methodical and ambitious, within the frame of obedience to its superiors. They can prosper in diverse businesses and banking professions, activities, architecture, almost any form of bureaucracy, medicine, chemistry and industry. He is a good administrator and it can manage to be an eminence like cook. Some Taurus is very equipped to sing and to become stars of the opera or to excel in other more common types of music. The Taurus usually is sluggish, so a good approach to the sport and a good regime helped to stay him more of sensible way with its cosmic influence that it urged to him quite the opposite.

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