Scorpio horoscope 2009

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Scorpio Horoscope 2009

Love —

You are not presenting a frankly bad year, but is marked by an unrequited love for the summer period. If you have a couple of takes the charm that you will hold during the month of March is a month that will bring very good experience. Another highlight would be the date for the month of May, valuable time to formalize a relationship and if you partner with the Sun in the sign of Taurus, it would be a good time to consolidate and strengthen the ties, if the correspondence had recently deteriorated.

Labor .-

Is a year where the stakes are very different circumstances, but your great asset for this year will be tremendous ambitions thanks to Pluto new situation in the sign of Capricorn, will be emerging throughout the year. All these changes were clearly on notice over the months of March and April supported by the transit of the planet Mars traveling sign Pisces. It is very likely that over the years make a refresher course or related languages.

Money .-

Work hard and you can build a significant step forward in your economic achievements.Will be a year where nothing is going to be given to you by fact. A new cycle in which it begins to envision a better future, especially in the mid-Autumn is the time where better to get what you propose. It will also depend on the circumstances that Based on the study presented in your letter Astral to determine what the best time to act with a high success rate. You may also receive revenue from sales of real estate and related to inheritance.

Health .-

Year of great vitality and optimism, which will involve a lot of years of physical and mental activity. But watch your overall health, with a balanced diet, moderate exercise and do not abuse the excesses. Be careful if you travel and take measures must take into account to develop the car, and you can suffer setbacks in travel with food and care in poor condition.

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