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From September 23 to October 22



SYMBOL: Balance

COLORS: Blue and Green

METAL: Copper

COMPATIBLE SIGNS: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius

STONE: Quartz

Libra usually diplomatic but indecisive, Romanticwith an insecurity touch. They flee from the conflicts like the plague and is are experts in taking to good port circunstancies of conflict. In addition they have a great sense of the objectivity and justice something that would make him emphasize as judge or lawyer although are not of their affability these professions. Pound worries about its relations and than they think of you his friendly and relatives, as much that it can arrive at stress situations in case you have some problem in which one does not dare to comment in those social circles. Normally it does not wish to be only never although it costs more of some sacrifice to him in his encounter with the most frequent friendships in his life when it is in favor of a manipulating pair. Those of the solar sign in Libra are good lovers because they handle the balance of the dispersed astral energies in his body really well and the one of their spouse. They have a sensible character and is very difficult to put them nervous, they feel well when sports participate as much in group activities as work and it doesnt have great tendency to be independent with his labor life, prefers tranquility of the responsibilities over remunerated and fixed and bad use that not other that requires more activitie besides being better paid.

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