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jodo_2Alejandro Jodorowsky

The psicomagic is, like the psicogenealogy, a term coined by the author to bring a kind of therapy which aims to heal the blockades materials, physical, sexual, emotional and intellectual impeding us.

Happiness is not money, is not a object, is a gift given to another.

With the intellect we have to learn to be what we are. With the heart we have to learn to love without discrimination. With sex, we must learn to create and with the body you live.

Alejandro Jodorowsky has written with his wife, Marianne Costa, a manual to learn how to read the Tarot, the writer, filmmaker and “cheat sacred interprets born in Chile for 50 years and who defines it as” a book in the form of letters, the most important of Western culture. While, said, “should be studied in universities.” Siruela presents’ The path of the Tarot ‘with’ I, the Tarot, “a collection of poems about the 22 greatest mysteries, and a deck of Tarot of Marseilles, in a luxury box bronze. The book has cost Jodorowsky and Costa four years of work and summarizes the long years of experience both in the reading of the deck, which defined as a mirror or structure soul, the unconscious, “but also as a therapeutic tool.” Indeed, Jodorowsky has read for free the Tarot whoever asks every Wednesday in a cafe in Paris for 30 years. “No charge, I do not give advice and don´t speak about the future “, says the writer, during his presentation at the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid. “I don´t read the negative cards”, he added later. Because for the chilean Tarot is” a service, a way of being usefull for the other”. “Mine is a book of initiation,” he said, “and together with the poems becomes a school of spiritual and psychological development.”

Jodorowsky believes the Tarot helps to develop awareness and understanding and to live better, is a “Support for the psychological and historical self.” So attack psychoanalysis and Buddhism, the two “enemies of life.” Psychoanalysts everyone should have a Tarot: save time, “he complains. In his view, they “make the suffering of others in their livelihoods because they do not intend to cure but to keep their patients.” By contrast, the Tarot can help not only eliminate the symptoms, but also to heal. “It is a bridge between two extremes, between intuition and reason,” says Marianne Costa. “It’s intuition, but the most structured.”. The Tarot born around 1000, but nobody knows who created it, nor where or how. Nor what the word means or Tarot what language belongs, explains the author in the introduction. According to it says, it is born from the Christianity, the Judaism and the Islam, is of western tradition and proposes ” a femenine counterbalance to the monoteist imbalance ” , a possibility of developing one ” androgin humanity”. For that reason it has equal number of arcane feminine and masculine, and includes one ‘ papisa’ or one ‘female emperor’ between its figures. Jodorowsky and Costa ended up making a practical demonstration of how the Tarot helps to self-knowledge reading the letters to two journalists, a man and a woman. The Chilean writer explained that the reading depends on three coordinates: of that it interprets the chance and, the chance chance interested of letters: ” It is a little while of grace”. And of those moments it has had Alexander Jodorowsky with the president of Chile, Ricardo Lagos, the singers Marilyn Manson and Peter Gabriel or a French minister who underwent problems with his Chinese wife. In Spain, with Fernando Sanchez He dredged, Espido Freire, Antonio Gala and Luis Alberto of River basin, among others. ” But to who I would like to read cartas” , he confessed, ” is to Sara Montiel”.

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